Study of technology of liquid organic fertilizers application by a transport-technological unit for agricultural purposes

    A.S. Shkel’ (1), PhD in Engineering
    M.A. Kozlovskaya (2), PhD in Engineering
    T.D. Dzotsenidze (3), DSc in Engineering

    (1) Moscow Technological University, Moscow, Russia,
    (2) Central research and development automobile and engine institute NAMI, Moscow, Russia,
    (3) Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow K.A. Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Moscow, Russia,

Operation of a transport-technological unit allows to reduce the labour inputs and to increase the performance by means of increasing transportation speed and improving maneuverability. Transport-technological units are created on the basis of specialized Ural-432065 vehicle chassis. The article reviews the features of technological process of transportation and subsoil application of liquid organic fertilizers performed by the STA-5ZhO replaceable technological superstructure. In the development of process technology of fertilizer application, statistical data of the Federal register of process technologies for crop production are used. Every process operation requires compliance with certain rules, that are listed in the process technology, which is a science-based technology of performance of specific works or operations, ensuring the efficient use of units in the given soil and climatic and operating conditions. Developed process technologies for transportation and subsoil application of liquid organic fertilizers under given conditions contain grounded recommendations on: agrotechnical requirements, preparing of units and field for operation, organization of units work, quality control, labor and nature protection. The results of the studies show that mushroom-shaped turns with open (or closed) lap and straight way are the most preferred. The design and development of transport-technological unit with STA-5ZhO replaceable technological superstructure for transportation and subsoil application of liquid organic fertilizers based on specialized all-wheel drive Ural-432065 vehicle chassis allow to provide a high level of performing of process operations while reducing cost of operations and increasing economic efficiency. This type of transport-technological unit is distinguished by high performance, easy-to-use, and its design features ensure compliance with the environmental requirements.

transport-technological unit; Ural-432065 vehicle chassis; STA-5ZhO replaceable technological superstructure; fertilizers application; process technology.

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