Development of combined working organ for graded subsurface tillage

    I.V. Bozhko, PhD in Engineering
    G.G. Parkhomenko, PhD in Engineering
    A.V. Gromakov, PhD in Engineering
    S.I. Kambulov, DSc in Engineering
    V.B. Rykov, DSc in Engineering

    North Caucasus Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Electrification, Zernograd, Russia,

Nowadays the trend of development of combined units and devices for implementation of specified technological processes is widely spread. The use of combined working organs for graded subsurface tillage allows to reduce the energy and labor costs and to improve the technological process. Based on the comparison methods and monographic survey of existing designs of working organs, their shortcomings when using in arid conditions are revealed. It has been established that in such conditions it is advisable to apply graded subsurface tillage. The analysis of designs of working organs for graded tillage is performed, it allows to establish the advantage of curved elements for surface tillage. A number of shortcomings of subsurface cultivating working organs that have been revealed during years of researches allows for the conclusion about the prospects of replacing blades on curvilinear rippers for surface tillage. The data of content of valuable soil aggregates as a percentage of absolute dry chernozemic soil are given. Based on the analysis of the data, it is established that layer structure can be improved through the use of an element for surface tillage to the depth down to 16 cm in design of chisel working organ. The expediency of mounting of elements for deep and surface tillage on the same tine for graded subsurface tillage is proved. The scheme of a combined working organ is proposed: a chisel for deep tillage and a curvilinear ripper for surface tillage are mounted on its tine, which provides the required crumbling of layer.

soil; tillage; combined working organ; graded tillage; curvilinear ripper.

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