Contents № 9-2016

    New machines and equipment

Kireev I.M., Koval’ Z.M. Method and pneumatic device for reduction of coalescence of drops in spray cones of liquid in plant protection (3-6)
Savinykh P.A., Aleshkin A.V., Bulatov S.Yu., Smirnov R.A. Substantiation of installation angle of inclined wall of charging hopper of a root chopper (7-10)

    Theory, designing, testing

Tarasik V.P., Savitskiy V.S. Experimental research of electro-hydraulic proportional valve of mechatronic control system of automatic gearbox (10-18)
Berezin I.Ya., Pronina Yu.O., Bondar’ V.N., Vershinskiy L.V., Taranenko P.A. Experimental studies of characteristics of vibration protection elements for operator workplace of industrial tractor (19-22)
Snezhko A.V., Snezhko V.A. Optimization of geometrical parameters of jet drive of cleaning centrifuges (23-28)
Il’yushchenko A.F., Leshok A.V., Rogovoy A.N., Sharipov V.M. The use of term «sintered powder frictional material» (28-30)

    Quality, reliability

Kozhukhova N.Yu., Sinyaya N.V. Influence of reinforcement of ploughshares surface on their thickness wear (31-34)

    Economics, organization and technology of production

Bur’yanov A.I., Goryachev Yu.O., Bur’yanov M.A. Efficiency of technology of grain harvesting by means of combine stripping (34-39)
Sychev V.G., Afanas’ev R.A., Godzhaev Z.A., Grishin A.P., Grishin A.A. Robotics technology and agrochemical support of plant cultivation (40-43)
Shkel’ A.S., Kozlovskaya M.A., Dzotsenidze T.D. Technology of solid mineral fertilizers application by means of STA-5TM transport-technological unit as part of specialized Ural-432065 vehicle chassis (44-48)

    Agricultural service

Kerimov M.A., Safiullin R.N., Marusin A.V. Influence of technology level of fuel on the efficiency of operation of internal combustion engines of motor-and-tractor vehicles (49-52)

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