Experimental studies of characteristics of vibration protection elements for operator workplace of industrial tractor

    I.Ya. Berezin (1), DSc in Engineering
    Yu.O. Pronina (1), Engineer
    V.N. Bondar’ (1), PhD in Engineering
    L.V. Vershinskiy (2), PhD in Engineering
    P.A. Taranenko (1), PhD in Engineering

    (1) South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia, proonina@mail.ru
    (2) Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant – URALTRAC, LLC, Chelyabinsk, Russia, vershinskiy_l@chtz.ru

Reliability of results of computer simulation depends on the accuracy of specified dynamic characteristics of the elements of oscillating system. In this connection, identification of model parameters and verifying of its adequacy are of major importance. Bench tests of new elements of vibration protection of T-11 tractor cab and seat involving the hydropneumatic way of vibration damping were conducted. The equipment of test bench conforms with loading scheme of investigated elements and reproduces the cab and seat working conditions identical to these of tractor operation, in particular the impact of given random process and shock loading. The information-measuring unit provides the registration and processing of experimental data. Bench tests allowed to reveal the fundamental features of the dynamic characteristics of shock absorbing elements, determine the numerical values of parameters contained in them and substantiate a number of assumptions inherent in the mathematical model. Adequacy check of the model was made by comparing the simulation results with field tests of T-11 tractor. The layout of acceleration sensors at various points of the tractor allowed to describe quite adequately the overall picture of vibration loading of the system of «caterpillar truck – frame – cab – seat», and to reveal a number of regularities that correct the model and perform a comparison of simulation results and field tests. The laboratory tests of vibration protection elements for operator workplace increased the accuracy of simulation results. Field tests allowed to confirm the adequacy of calculation model. The possibility of substitution of the field tests for laboratory ones in case of determining a number of certification characteristics of vibration protection systems is substantiated.

stand tests; field tests; test bench; operator seat; hydraulic support; cab; adequacy of model.

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