Contents № 10-2016

    Agricultural machinery market

Kolchin N.N. Revival of domestic agricultural engineering is an urgent and important task of the state (3-7)

    New machines and equipment

Abaev A.Kh., Kachmazova E.K., Kachmazova E.I. Disk braking mechanism of a tractor produced by Minsk tractor works (8-10)
Kovalev M.M., Sheychenko V.A., Shevchuk V.V., Fadeev V.G. Determination of quality of cultivation by means of soil spiker (11-13)

    Theory, designing, testing

Sharipov V.M., Nyunin B.N., Kryuchkov V.A., Fedotkin R.S., Alendeev E.M., Timofievskiy A.A. Determination method of rational design parameters for four-shaft not-coaxial preselector transmissions of agricultural tractors (13-18)
Samsonov V.A. Calculation of nominal values of the main indicators of agricultural tractor (19-24)
Gots A.N., Glinkin S.A. Loading conditions of pistons of internal combustion engines and causes of crack formation on combustion chamber edge (25-29)
Akimov A.P., Konstantinov Yu.V. Rational choice of parameters of powered disk of a soil cultivation unit (29-33)
Blednykh V.V., Svechnikov P.G., Troyanovskaya I.P. Universalization of plow-bottom surface of working organ of a plow (34-37)

    Quality, reliability

Kozarez I.V., Mikhal’chenkova M.A., Lavrov V.I., Sinyaya N.V. Increase of abrasive wear resistance of parts by means of variation of welding technique of double-layer coatings with hard surface (38-40)

    Economics, organization and technology of production

Godzhaev Z.A., Grishin A.P., Grishin A.A., Grishin V.A. Unmanned mobile power unit for agricultural purposes (41-44)

    Agricultural service

Putintsev S.V., Ageev A.G. Experimental research of conditions of cylinder oil supply in high-speed four-stroke internal-combustion engine (45-49)
Belyy I.F., Bogdanova I.A. Noise in cab of a crawler agricultural tractor (50-52)

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