Universalization of plow-bottom surface of working organ of a plow

    V.V. Blednykh (1), DSc in Engineering
    P.G. Svechnikov (1), DSc in Engineering
    I.P. Troyanovskaya (1), (2), DSc in Engineering

    (1) South Ural State Agrarian University, Chelyabinsk, Russia, mail@csaa.ru
    (2) South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia, tripav63@mail.ru

Economical cultivation of different soils on different speeds requires working organs with different parameters. Using plows with optimal parameters of plow-bottom surface will allow to minimize the cost of tillage with no loss in quality. Such parameters of working surfaces as setting angles of plowshare, bend of mouldboard and others are considered. Adjustment of working organ of a plow by rotating and offsetting will provide the most useful type of plow-bottom surface and better quality of tillage with the use of a single working organ for different soils and speeds. The paper presents a newly developed way to compare the topology of two plow-bottom surfaces with the use of criterial filter-function, as well as original methods to input the data on the topology of plow-bottom surfaces and to approximate these data by polynomial dependencies for smoothing and providing the unimodality of objective function of optimization when using the Hooke and Jeeves method. The optimal angles of rotation (12 degrees) are obtained whereby the deviations of a comparison plow-bottom surface and a basic one are minimal. According to the agrotechnical and technological requirements on the overlap of operating widths between the working organs, the first working organ of plow should be attached without offset, the second one depending on the realized speed should have an offset of 70 mm, the third – of 140 mm, the fourth – of 210 mm. The practical results of using the developed method for universalization of plow-bottom surface are presented.

universalization; plow-bottom surface; spatial turn; topology; alignment of normal lines; agrotechnical requirements.

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