Noise in cab of a crawler agricultural tractor

    I.F. Belyy, PhD in Engineering
    I.A. Bogdanova, Engineer

    North Caucasus Machine-Testing Station, Zernograd, Russia,

The working conditions of operator are considered as one of the most important indicators of technical level of a machine and its competitiveness in agricultural machinery market. The article presents the measuring data of noise level on operator workplace, based on the results of long-term tests of crawler agricultural tractors of 3 drawbar category for general purposes. Measurements of noise level in tractor cabs were carried out according to the requirements of state standards when performing the main type of works, namely the stubble tillage after harvesting of spiked cereals. Tractors produced by Volgograd tractor plant in 1993-2000 conformed to the sanitary regulations of tractors’ and agricultural machines’ technology and had the noise level about 78-80 dBA. Subsequent upgrading of crawler tractor’s cab led to worsening of work conditions in respect of noise. Noise level in cab of the Agromash-90TG 1040А tractor produced by Volgograd tractor plant in 2012-2015 reached 88-90 dBA. The analysis of the results of measurement of noise levels allows to make a conclusion that the main noise source in upgraded cab is the exhaust tube of engine. The construction of cab does not protect the operator against the noise of engine. Furthermore, the use of microclimate normalization system in cab of the Agromash-90TG tractor does not provide the reduction in air temperature to a comfortable level of 24-27 degrees C. Test results revealed that working conditions on the new tractor do not conform to the requirements of standards. Specialists of tractor industry organizing a new production of crawler agricultural tractors should take into account the previous experience of engineering developments in Volgograd tractor plant and results of state tests of tractors.

crawler tractor; noise level; cab; comfort conditions of work.

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