Архив рубрики 'Publication terms'

Procedure and terms of publication

Dear authors!
We kindly ask you to read the journal requirements quoted below before you send any materials to the editors.

Analytical, scientific and practical articles are published in the journal free of charge.

    Peer review

All the papers submitted to the editors go through the process of peer review.
All the referees are recognized experts on the subject of peer reviewed materials and have publications on the same subject for the past three years.
Reviews are stored at the editorial office for 5 years.

Editors send copies of reviews or a substantiated refusal to the authors of submitted materials.
Copies of reviews are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation if the editors of journal receive a relevant request.


Article and all related materials should be sent by e-mail to the address tismash@yandex.ru
After that you will receive a reply. If within a week you have not received a reply, you should specify whether the paper is received by writing or calling the editorial office.

Please note! The paper should be sent from a valid email address that you constantly use and regularly check. We ask you not to send it from somebody else’s addresses, because we send all the questions and information on your e-mail.

Decision on publishing is taken by the editorial board. Decisions of the editorial board are not discussed in correspondence with authors. Members of the editorial board do not answer letters.

Then the editor begins his work on the paper. You receive the decision of editorial board and comments on your paper if necessary. When you reply to the comments, you should indicate this in the subject line of the letter, specify what corrections you have made and mark in red all changes in the text.

Please note! Only the final version of paper should be submitted to the editors. After you have sent the paper to the editors, you can rewrite, cut or add the text only if the editor asked you to do it. In case if you found an error in the paper, you should write the editor about it and send a corrected version, marking all corrections in red.

    Publication terms

The publication usually takes 2-3 months from the receipt date. The author is notified when the article is sent to the printer’s.
Contents of published issues of the journal can be monitored on our website in the category Journal issues.

    Paper requirements

Papers submitted to the editors should correspond to the main themes of the journal.
Printouts, scans and Pdf files will not be accepted! The paper should be presented in Word 2010 or 2007.

Type: Times New Roman 14. Line spacing: 1.5. Fields: left 2.5 cm, the others 1.5 cm. Page number in the middle below. Hyphenation: automatically. No text wrapping for figures and tables. Maximum capacity: 9-12 pages, 4-6 figures.

The beginning of paper should contain:

- universal decimal classification number;
- title and information about authors;
- brief summary and keywords in Russian;
- brief summary, keywords and title in English.

You need to specify the full names of all referred official documents, enterprises, organizations and departments. The names of foreign companies and tractor models should be brought in Roman alphabet.


The paper should contain only the most necessary (original) final formulas, without intermediate mathematical transformations and conclusions.
All physical quantities should be presented in the SI system.
Each formula should be written in a separate line. Numbers should be assigned only to those formulas that are referenced in the text.

    Figures and tables

Figures should be presented in the article itself, as well as in individual graphic files (Tiff, Bmp, Jpeg) of high definition.

All lines in the figures should be neat and clear, all the inscriptions should be readable.
All number and letter conventional signs used on the figures should be clarified in the text or in figure captions.
A serial number and a caption should be assigned to each figure. In case if there is only one figure in the article, it has only a caption with no number.
Similar for the tables.

The article should contain mentions of all used figures and tables – in the text or in parentheses. Also, the article should contain references to each point of bibliographic list – in square brackets.


Bibliographic list should contain at least two sources.
Sources in the bibliographic list should be given in order of mentioning in the text.

Names and initials of authors should be cited first, then the name of work (book, article, etc.).
For books you also need to specify the place of publication (city), publisher and year; for journal articles – journal title, issue and year; for theses – city and year.
For online sources, be sure to specify the exact active link to the website.

Patents and copyright certificates should not be cited in the bibliographic list, but in parentheses in the text.

    Information about authors

Should be submitted in a separate file. Information about authors should be specified for each author and contain: full name, degree, e-mail, contact phone number and full name of the institution where the author works.

Author takes the responsibility for all facts cited in his article, as well as for the accuracy of calculations and experimental data, the accuracy of quotations and references to the sources.